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F2 take on insane mannequin trick shots!
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Runtime: 04:26


JAKOB - 10 måneder siden
*what if there were no football*
1:30 💜🎥💟
Chris CFL
Chris CFL - År siden
Billy vs logan paul pls liked and subed
DIANN - År siden
*f2 is the best duo like if u agree 👍👍*
Rocky Roblox
Rocky Roblox - År siden
0:11 you said the 5 yard parr then you said the no look parr
Ananta Shrestha
Ananta Shrestha - År siden
00:27 the mannequins touch is better than mine😂😂😂
رنرنرنبتن نرنرنرننر
عربي لايك
Ashok Subedi
Ashok Subedi - År siden
That post received more passes than I receive from my friends
Elliot May-Hawkins
Elliot May-Hawkins - År siden
With the weak foot thing just look at man united’s up and coming talent mason greenwood he takes free kicks with his right and left foot
Ashish Agarwal
Ashish Agarwal - År siden
Harry _Ha3bich
Harry _Ha3bich - År siden
Y dont u 2 play professional soccer or sometihng like dat
SilenttpistolXD - År siden
Why aren’t you guys real footballers
Zack soobz
Zack soobz - År siden
Who thinks billy or Jezza should race Logan paul
Messi Jack09
Messi Jack09 - År siden
Nice one boys 👍
goku7777jj j
goku7777jj j - År siden
Que pros
Snobbig Sito
Snobbig Sito - År siden
Your videos are getting worse
L Modrič
L Modrič - År siden
Wow insane 😲😱😱
Crimson_ VipeZz
Crimson_ VipeZz - År siden
Goats nothing Less🕊🔥🔥🕊
Paul Power
Paul Power - År siden
Some editing guys
logan sewett
logan sewett - År siden
RocketmanJr - År siden
thats a knock out (literaly)
mamad mamad
mamad mamad - År siden
شنو هذا
Jita Natsu
Jita Natsu - År siden
Something’s just so special about these guys, they always inspire me to play soccer
Mike Wood
Mike Wood - År siden
Who thinks Billy should run the 100m against Logan Paul?
Razeen Muhammed
Razeen Muhammed - År siden
How to shoot step by step video plz upload
gyuhwan Lee
gyuhwan Lee - År siden
Golf Guy
Golf Guy - År siden
They must be a x soccer player or just practice 。🤔🤔🤔
Brandon Matthews
Brandon Matthews - År siden
4:23 "I must be heading in the right direction." Get out of here Bill. xD
Leo Lai
Leo Lai - År siden
193 mannequins press dislike
Ryan English
Ryan English - År siden
I really hope in your next recorded matches we some of your fancy skills n passes!
Keval Prajapati
Keval Prajapati - År siden
Please change the title to FOOTBALL ASSASSINS
Bahos Gunes
Bahos Gunes - År siden
Race Logan paul
prajan gurung
prajan gurung - År siden
You guys are master of ball control ..😀👍⚽
dilo - År siden
Mohamad H
Mohamad H - År siden
Why you dodn't sign for a big team like barcelona, man United ..............
Adam Godfrey
Adam Godfrey - År siden
Can you do a video on shooting to both sides of the net. Or how to shoot left and right
Trương hoàng sáng Võ
Vn điểm danh
Orgest Nekaj
Orgest Nekaj - År siden
that was amazing 😰😰😰😰🤔🤔📷📸
Final Spoon
Final Spoon - År siden
Billy should verse Logan in the race that Logan thinks he’s te fastest youtuber race
Omar Abbasov
Omar Abbasov - År siden
Final Spoon Can y’all sub to me I’m a small NOburnr trying to grow my channel and I love making others laugh with my vids
Ben Bagshaw
Ben Bagshaw - År siden
Hia lads why not use a side 2 and attempt some head shots
Sahabudin Rongrong
Sahabudin Rongrong - År siden
JrNotJunior - År siden
What cleats does billy wear?
jasmine lyle
jasmine lyle - År siden
Rosa Valencia
Rosa Valencia - År siden
do the ball launcher vs robo-keeper

Like so F2 can see
Temitope Habeeb
Temitope Habeeb - År siden
I saw jazer when I was going swining
Mathias Barreto
Mathias Barreto - År siden
Vengo de dudeperfec
Berat Cenker Ercan
Berat Cenker Ercan - År siden
En sondakine direk anasının amından pas yazaydınız
Daniel Bouch
Daniel Bouch - År siden
Wow u gents are bloody skilled its super next level. I get so much inspiration from you
Ollie Butler-Henderson
Can you keeping battles
James O'Toole
James O'Toole - År siden
I want you to vs gtj☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
James O'Toole
James O'Toole - År siden
I dont have a weak foot ☆
Philomena Hallinan
Philomena Hallinan - År siden
Billy can u race logan paul pleeeeaaaassee
JaKe LatiMOre
JaKe LatiMOre - År siden
yall really running out of ideas lol
Soccer All star
Soccer All star - År siden
You should race Logan Paul for the 100k bill it would be easy for you
unread galaxy0
unread galaxy0 - År siden
Billy compete in logan Paul's challenger games
rv 420 69
rv 420 69 - År siden
i think you will go in soccer tournaments because your skills look better than cr7 but hes still better so improve your massive soccer skills!
Travis Mueller
Travis Mueller - År siden
Anyone else remember jazza on Britain's got talent
X0-Din_ _Din
X0-Din_ _Din - År siden
Nice vid 👍
Rebecca Cannon
Rebecca Cannon - År siden
Last digit number is you

1 Messi
2 cr7
3 Neymar jr
4 Suarez
5 Continue
6 Sergio Ramos
7 Gareth bale
8 Ibrah
9 Maradona
0 Pele

Robin Heyndrickx
Robin Heyndrickx - År siden
@Rebecca Cannon messi
Rebecca Cannon
Rebecca Cannon - År siden
Who did you get
Football Dls
Football Dls - År siden
Billy race logan paul plss
Janey Gwynn Create Me Scrappy Happy
Challenge logan in the race plz Billy and jezza
Finlay Brown
Finlay Brown - År siden
Bill you should take part in the Logan Paul race bc you are rapid
Footy mania with J&Z
Footy mania with J&Z - År siden
I am probably ur biggest fan!!!!!one day do a free Kick Challenge
Rohit Bhagwat
Rohit Bhagwat - År siden
Who else does think that f2 are just becoming boring day by day?
Hypex - År siden
Billy should compete in Logan Paul’s YouTubed race who else thinks so
Sachin Khanna
Sachin Khanna - År siden
The F2 need to do a F2 vs Predator Part 3 video!!! The Part 2 video has gotten over 20K likes...
Isaac Yarsiah
Isaac Yarsiah - År siden
I really need your help please help me
Marshmellow Studios YT
There's jezza doing 0:24 and billy doing 0:59 while theres me who sometimes misses open goals ;-;
Mehraz Ahmed
Mehraz Ahmed - År siden
When u can't think of content 🤔🤔🤔
Cai Thomas
Cai Thomas - År siden
Race Logan at 100m
Dylan Ramont
Dylan Ramont - År siden
Billy should race logan Paul for the 100k
KG - 07TM 755424 Lougheed MS
You guys are so good at soccer one day I hope I can play like you or pele# love soccer⚽️🥅
Shishir Gautam
Shishir Gautam - År siden
1:36 Billy , did u break the mannequin?
Sather - År siden
2:39 I love that sound
Victoria M
Victoria M - År siden
1:12 is so easy
LukiPape - År siden
Freekickerz: We have a best shots
F2: Hold our beers
David Miller
David Miller - År siden
Your club has signed Ashley Young for 100,000,000 Euros
Like to undo this disaster
Nik Tessier
Nik Tessier - År siden
David Miller like beggar
paty H
paty H - År siden
Billy should accept Logan Paul’s fastest you tuber challenge
Like so they can see
Ball knocks
Ball knocks - År siden
Только начал свой путь к блогерству поддержите лайком и подпиской😅💥
Ball knocks
Ball knocks - År siden
Sadia shabir
Sadia shabir - År siden
Billy I saw your cousin jack he is my class teacher and said to the class who mows f2 footballers I put my hand up.he said he was your cousin
Zweet Mexico
Zweet Mexico - År siden
New name dudeF2
Dominic Cadman-Gotch
Dominic Cadman-Gotch - År siden
Never underestimate the contribution of the mannequin in a training session or a YouTube video.
Soham Banerjee
Soham Banerjee - År siden
Please 🙏 🙏 🙏 make any video over cricket shot skillls............. Because ENGLAND 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 have won the cwc2019
Just Do Roofing
Just Do Roofing - År siden
*Заболотного вспомнил)*
d.dan1927 - År siden
how are they wearing jackets and skins?!
Fazrul Mateen
Fazrul Mateen - År siden
Logan paul is setting up a youtuber race,billy plz smoke his ass and youll win $100,000 easy
fati kvernadze
fati kvernadze - År siden
Fiona Gold
Fiona Gold - År siden
Who noticed that on the 5 yard pass all the balls didn’t hit the mannequin?
Dynamic gamer
Dynamic gamer - År siden
Hello guys please check this my football Tutorial channel !!
Red Flower
Red Flower - År siden
Yusra Rahman
Yusra Rahman - År siden
my bro met them lmaoooo
Chicken Little
Chicken Little - År siden
Petition for Billy to Do the Challenger Games
Oli Robinson
Oli Robinson - År siden
Billy should race in the challenger games
Clarkey - År siden
I seriously wonder why they have 10m subscribers when there doing a first time pass to a mannequin ( 2:01 ) that my dad did at left back in 1985 to his mate Paul who had a beer belly with a pack of marbolro cigarettes in the back of his sock
Dynamic gamer
Dynamic gamer - År siden
Hii, please check this my football game kalcha
Clarkey - År siden
1:21 you'd know that you were the best on the ball at arsenal academy at 15, let alone that was the invincible season
Khurram Shabbir
Khurram Shabbir - År siden
The skills 😈
C-L-P - År siden
Your channel is so dead
Megan Allcock
Megan Allcock - År siden
Can you all please sub to my little bro's channel it's: Jack Allcock
The profile pic is a cute little boy
Simon Newallo
Simon Newallo - År siden
billy race logan paul and make f2 proud
Ull - År siden
Billy you should be in Logan Paul fastest youtuber competition
Siddhant Jindal
Siddhant Jindal - År siden
Pls jezza or billy compete in the challenger games Logan Paul is hosting u both run faster than him i request please comepte!!