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Runtime: 09:25


Carsyn Geisler Price
Carsyn Geisler Price - Måned siden
Billy Wingravy. 😂
Sutterstock Aiming
Sutterstock Aiming - 2 måneder siden
Elvis Nathan
Elvis Nathan - 3 måneder siden
hey guys thanks for what u guys are doing mn am in UGANDA but surely love F2 FC
Luke Pearson
Luke Pearson - 4 måneder siden
This commentary is piss poor
I ain’t Giving out my real name on YouTube
This commentary is funny asl on folk
I ain’t Giving out my real name on YouTube
Is that man like santan
Egg fried Rice
Egg fried Rice - 4 måneder siden
Santan Dave play left back in the changing rooms?
Adama Kone
Adama Kone - 4 måneder siden
you play for Ware F.C.
Jake Tank
Jake Tank - 5 måneder siden
Jhony that you old cap you remember me hey
Abijith vijay
Abijith vijay - 5 måneder siden
bro i thought it was frank ocean. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
AIDEN. GREEFF - 5 måneder siden
Why dont they pass to Dave😂
Lester Dale
Lester Dale - 6 måneder siden
That spiderman mask must have been marinating on his balls for time before he scored
Claire Malone
Claire Malone - 7 måneder siden

තනිවම ඔබගේ පැමිණීම අවධානය ආකර්ෂණය කර ගැනීමට පවා ඉඩ ඇත
Aegis - 7 måneder siden
Santander: *Drake no*
Santan-Dave: *Drake yes*
Maame Akua Serwaah
Maame Akua Serwaah - 7 måneder siden
I mean should
Maame Akua Serwaah
Maame Akua Serwaah - 7 måneder siden
I mean sould
Maame Akua Serwaah
Maame Akua Serwaah - 7 måneder siden
I feel bad for santan Dave the He didn’t get the ball he souls have called for ball
Tay Weeks
Tay Weeks - 8 måneder siden
Yo, I'm really an American, and when i listen to Santan Dave, I really understand what dude be sayin. This, what he doing, has solidified to me that he really is a dope artist...
teoh - 8 måneder siden
Berke Eraksoy
Berke Eraksoy - 8 måneder siden
Noo the brung dave in the video
lil s
lil s - 8 måneder siden
What a pisstake, Dave didn't even get the ball once. In low-key triggered.
Zion Izekor
Zion Izekor - 8 måneder siden
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I didn't see Dave touch the ball
And neither did you.
Joseph Amodu
Joseph Amodu - 8 måneder siden
Expressions 🤣🤣🤣
Team Tidy
Team Tidy - 8 måneder siden
What on earth are the kits doing. Dear dear
John HD
John HD - 8 måneder siden
Wait is Santan Dave the guy from Top boy on Netflix?
Hamz - 8 måneder siden
Close ups of the players after h k ey plays would help. Good video
Ian Cheng
Ian Cheng - 8 måneder siden
Fam is that expressions commentating 😂😂
Django Pettiffor
Django Pettiffor - 8 måneder siden
The comentator was so funny!!! 🤣🤣🤣😂
Mr football pro
Mr football pro - 9 måneder siden
Who else Had no idea what Santan Dave was saying
Daniel Brown_Music
Daniel Brown_Music - 9 måneder siden
Poor dave
Daniel Brown_Music
Daniel Brown_Music - 9 måneder siden
There good but there playing against 16 year olds
Mr Noah Gamer
Mr Noah Gamer - 9 måneder siden
Commentary was class
Sushi Sushi
Sushi Sushi - 9 måneder siden
NGL that voice over and that background music did not come together styl.
Tanaka Togara
Tanaka Togara - 9 måneder siden
Song at 6:02 plz
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas - 9 måneder siden
Feel sorry for dave
Qing ye
Qing ye - 9 måneder siden
Why does the commentator only know the f2
Ricky Sexton
Ricky Sexton - 9 måneder siden
Didn’t even see Dave have the ball
Dominik Bobi
Dominik Bobi - 9 måneder siden
4:08 man thought he was gareth bale😂
Zeeeab Haize
Zeeeab Haize - 10 måneder siden
Jezza has really good close control with the ball tbh didn't expect him to be that good
Brett Haydon
Brett Haydon - 10 måneder siden
I go for the f2
Sameer Chhetri
Sameer Chhetri - 10 måneder siden
Is the commentator Eman#sv2??
karimkopra - 10 måneder siden
and here goes the copyright claim
HOW DARE U DON`T u KnoW wHo i`m ? i`m the utube b!@h
M P - 10 måneder siden
Kit clash is a shame
Nibir Aziz Zumba
Nibir Aziz Zumba - 10 måneder siden
*R.I.P. Commentary*
maxkhe - 10 måneder siden
This happened one day after my bday
drizzythatkid 587
drizzythatkid 587 - 10 måneder siden
Billy winggravy
Harrison Wells
Harrison Wells - 10 måneder siden
Funniest commentator ever😂😂Great game guys 👌💯
#True Football Inspirations#
Harvey EU
Harvey EU - 10 måneder siden
Did dave even get a touch
isaac negal
isaac negal - 10 måneder siden
surprised the opponents remembered to turn up
Damaqt - 10 måneder siden
2:17 he really s aar I'd theres bare people he gets like 10k people per show
Damaqt - 10 måneder siden
F2 didnt pass and never gave big man Dave the ball
ManorPlex - 10 måneder siden
So when am I getting my call up ? Love to feature in the team one time
Caleb Barrara
Caleb Barrara - 10 måneder siden
Commentator makes it that much better though
Keyz Official
Keyz Official - 10 måneder siden
Where was Dave ????
j_booogzz. #cm.
j_booogzz. #cm. - 10 måneder siden
I only came coz I saw Santan Dave in the title but Santan didn’t even get one touch well that’s kinda unfair
Vitalis Nathaniel
Vitalis Nathaniel - 10 måneder siden
VAR ma lord💀
Hazard Z
Hazard Z - 10 måneder siden
Billy wingravy😂😂😂
sunny g
sunny g - 11 måneder siden
Should have passed to dave, the run in was spot on.. Disliked for that reason, tossers.
Young Kenzo
Young Kenzo - 11 måneder siden
Their feature said 4 words made runs that were wasted by his team and didn't touch the ball
Hattie SIMPSON - 11 måneder siden
Santan Dave didn’t get a touch
James Brett
James Brett - 11 måneder siden
That commentary was horrid I couldn’t continue to watch.
Alan cj
Alan cj - 11 måneder siden
Player of the match

Ivan Rojas
Ivan Rojas - 11 måneder siden
Ningun comentario en español?
ThePoochie101 - 11 måneder siden
Am I seeing things or is jezza left handed right footed and billy is left footed right handed?
Shane Russell
Shane Russell - 11 måneder siden
Kit clash 😒
Los Mellizos
Los Mellizos - 11 måneder siden
Despejado Billy
Kieran Football9
Kieran Football9 - 11 måneder siden
Billy wingravy😂
Kailas Sajie
Kailas Sajie - År siden
3:20 Haha Billy Wengravy
Big_BotV2 1
Big_BotV2 1 - År siden
This game is not fair
Dylan Mountain
Dylan Mountain - År siden
shittest game and most annoying commentary
papai - År siden
Vení a hacer esto a patronato forro
David vince
David vince - År siden
No cheating from Dan Osborne, I am surprised 😮
Naomi Mansaray
Naomi Mansaray - År siden
They acc did Dave sorry not one person passed the ball to him wtf 😂😂😂didn't see him touch the ball at all and he made some good runs
ᴢᴀɪɴ •
ᴢᴀɪɴ • - År siden
Santan der did not a single thing that match
MR علي M5
MR علي M5 - År siden
اكو عرب بل طياره
amz ace
amz ace - År siden
Commentary was legendary
Nissi Ndewere
Nissi Ndewere - År siden
Commentator tho😂
GM7 - År siden
What’s with the kit clashes....
Tran RR
Tran RR - År siden
Your video very good, i like it😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Stephanie Legault
Stephanie Legault - År siden
Sv2 filmed
Legendary Gaming 126
Legendary Gaming 126 - År siden
How u gonna say ft Dave but then don’t show much footage of him did yous even pass to him it was just u and jezz
oscar stainton
oscar stainton - År siden
puts daves name in the title, doesnt get given the ball. ffs
Joe Mcardle-Allsopp
Joe Mcardle-Allsopp - År siden
F2 just hog the ball all the time didn’t even give their “new transfer” a touch of the ball 😂
Zain Hussain
Zain Hussain - År siden
Lol the commentator was bare jokes
josh - År siden
The kids at 2:09 are like the birds from finding nemo but instead of saying mine they say jezza.
VXDragon - År siden
Man thought he was gareth wale
VXDragon - År siden
Billy wingravy
John Jones
John Jones - År siden
Dave ... stick to rap bro ! Put the boots down .
K35HK3B4B 11
K35HK3B4B 11 - År siden
Dave looks pissed fam u lot should of provided
Ramos chuanji chen
Ramos chuanji chen - År siden
20 men in the same color😫
Alfie Little
Alfie Little - År siden
I watched this
John Mcgiffen
John Mcgiffen - År siden
What would the crazy Scots man do
KristapsBoyce - År siden
Man tight that no dave 👀 not get touch at all
Leo Stott
Leo Stott - År siden
Did you get a picture with Dave
PETRONELA Nyikadzino
PETRONELA Nyikadzino - År siden
when are you making a how to video
Affif Adlie
Affif Adlie - År siden
Is that eman voice
G F D - År siden
Sanatan Dave Also known as Mouldey
makepeace s
makepeace s - År siden
Jez the type of guy to intentionally beat a kid in a race then roast him
Kryptx - År siden
SV2 is commentator
Hamid Afrah
Hamid Afrah - År siden
Ffs play dave